Global warming affecting fashion industry

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Scientists Agree: Global Warming is Happening and Humans are the Primary Cause

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According to an interesting article in Australia's The Age, global warming is wreaking havoc on the clothing many parts of the world, there just isn't as much difference between the seasons anymore and overall the trend is towards warmer weather.

Assessing the Environmental Impact of the Fashion World

Growth of the multi-trillion-dollar apparel industry has been fed by "fast fashion," which makes clothing cheaply and quickly with a low price-tag. Six graphics show how this trend and others can add to water stress, pollution and other environmental impacts.

Fast Fashion Is the Second Dirtiest Industry in the World, Next to Big Oil ultimately accelerating carbon emissions and global warming.

At $ for a white organic cotton tank top, Eileen Fisher is a high-end retailer, out of reach for most consumers. Stella McCartney and Ralph Lauren are on the leading edge toward reforming the fashion.

Jan 09,  · But, many powerful industry interests have hindered action and have, which show that global warming is happening and that it is caused by humans.

If emissions continue in a “business as usual” fashion, the sea level rise will be closer to the higher range of projections. Apart from that, there is hardly any data available on emissions and pollution generated by the global fashion industry.

This might be due to a long and complex global supply chain, which mainly consists of cotton farming, fibers manufacturing, dyeing, printing and bleaching.

Global warming affecting fashion industry
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Assessing The Global Environmental Impact On The Fashion World