Indus valley writing system

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8a. Early Civilization in the Indus Valley

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Indus script

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Indus Valley Civilisation

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Mackayand Cardiff. Sep 27,  · During the Harappans (Indus River civilization) they spoke alanguage that is now unknown for today. Archaeologist couldn'tdecipher its language because of the lack of evidence providedthere which. HISTORY OF CIVILIZATION including The ingredients of civilization, Mesopotamia and Egypt, The Indus, The Aegean, China, America, The Mediterranean, Regional civilizations, Global civilization.

The Indus River Valley Civilization developed a writing system that is still undeciphered to this day. The Indus Valley writing used seals with pictures and symbols on them. The Indus Valley civilization was very religious because they held sacred animals and they used them in their writing systems.

The Indus Valley Civilization was an ancient civilization located in what is Pakistan and northwest India today, on the fertile flood plain of the Indus River and its vicinity.

Evidence of religious practices in this area date back approximately to BCE.

Indus script

Farming settlements began around BCE and around BCE there appeared the first signs of urbanization. The people of the Indus Valley Civilization also developed a writing system which was used for several hundred years.

However, unlike some other ancient civilizations, we are still unable to read the words that they wrote. Early Civilization in the Indus Valley 8a. Early Civilization in the Indus Valley This theory seems logical because the Aryans came to power in the Ganges Valley shortly after the Indus demise of the Indus Valley Civilization.

and erased all traces of the writing system of the Harappan civilization. The dedicated students at Thinkquest.

Indus valley writing system
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