Is style more important than substance

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So is it stuck that certain things can get exactly with vacuity when exposed to behold?. There seems to be a greater interest among some preachers to-wards style rather than substance. Greater emphasis is placed on the delivery rather than the content of sermons.

There is more focus and attention on how a preacher sounds and how he comes across rather than on what he says. In that environment, style (the wrapping paper, the ornamentation, packaging, literary style, etc.) becomes more important than substance - style is the substance (think for example all the crazy cultural things that come out of Japan - all style, no substance) Style is not more important than substance.

But the other way you asked your question is more interesting and more difficult to answer. What is the difference between how something appears and "what it actually is?".

Substance over form

· Substance is more important than style. To me it is. I can't speak for any other people.

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I think Tim Kaine made some very clear points regarding democratic party policy over republican party policy. My take on the VP debate. Substance is more important than style. (Original post) lovemydog: Oct OP: And now there are already at least It really depends on the purpose of the speech.

If it is for entertainment, then humor will be more important than substance. An after dinner speech is one such,-Humor,-Style-of-Presenting. · An ill-prepared Youth Forum in Sofia was perhaps the only other blemish on a Bulgarian EU presidency that was more about style than substance.

On the domestic level, Sofia’s enthusiasm and

Is style more important than substance
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Substance is more important than style|From Chinese press|