Persuasion styles in negotiation

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Transactional Leadership

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The Persuasion Tools Model

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Why It's Worth Reading: The book challenges a lot of the common conceptions about negotiating, including the famous win-win bromides and the "BATNA" (Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement. Kolb's learning styles. Explanations > Learning Theory > Kolb's learning styles. Preference dimensions | Four learning styles | So what.

David Kolb has defined one of the most commonly used models of learning. As in the diagram below, it is based on two preference dimensions, giving four different styles of learning. Transactional Leadership is based on a simple exchange between the leader and the followers of reward for applied effort.

“Become a successful negotiator – in any industry, at any level!” Whether it’s allocating resources for a project, funding a new initiative or establishing a supply chain for a new product or service, negotiation is inevitably at the heart of the process.

Here is a useful model of persuasion methods that highlights four ways to change minds, based on two dimensions that create a 2x2 grid. In practice most people will use most styles, depending on the circumstance.

Persuasion styles in negotiation
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